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Black Forest & Nature 

Into the great outdoors


Diverse  nature and wonderful destinations in the Black Forest Nature Park

Baden-Baden is surrounded by wonderful excursion destinations and very special sights. The beautiful landscapes of the Black Forest and the wine country will provide you with unforgettable journeys of discovery. Join us!

Clambering between mighty cliffs, following mysterious paths into mystical woodlands and thundering waterfalls, picnicking in sun-drenched meadows, or searching for clues in legendary walls, Baden-Baden is the ideal terrain for explorers.


Baden-Baden offers so many possibilities: the famous joie de vivre, magnificent buildings from the Wilhelminian era, exquisite shopping opportunities, blooming gardens, an unbelievable world-class cultural offer and lots of sights...

Why should you lace your hiking shoes here, in Baden-Baden?

That's because the best way to experience Baden-Baden's special Esprit is to experience it by foot.

Sightseeing at its finest

The Panorama Trail Baden-Baden has the best views to offer.

High above the rocky towers of the famous climbing area and nature reserve "Battert", the route continues in a spectacular way, with unbelievable views over the city and the entire Rhine valley, right down to the heart of France. Our ultimate top vantage point:
the "Ritterplatte" at 488 m altitude. You simply can't get a better view...

Via the heavenly "Angel's Pulpit" and the diabolical "Devil's Pulpit" with its magnificent panoramic views, you now continue your hike to Baden-Baden's most famous vantage point, the Mercury Peak. Normally, the Panorama Trail only leads past the valley station of the famous Merkur Mountain funicular railway, but a leisurely ride with the caple car is the perfect way to round off a successful day's hiking.

As is generally known, the world looks different when seen from above – something you should not miss. Enjoy your stay at Baden-Baden's highest point which is also one of the hippest sunny spots in town.


The Baden-Baden Panorama Trail entices you in four varied stages with its beautiful views, breathtaking nature, cultural and culinary delights.


What some call the "surrounding countryside" is referred to as "Rebland" here: a sun-drenched wine country for Riesling, Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, vintner's sparkling wines, and fruit brandies. The 

Baden-Baden Wine House on the Mauerberg and the wineries are looking forward to your visit. Their wine cellar, in turn, has some fantastic new arrivals with beautiful names, such as Neuweierer Riesling, Varnhalter Klosterbergfelsen or Nägelsförst Spätburgunder.


Vines as far as the eye can see, a defiant castle, and a stately palace amid a gently rolling landscape, breathtakingly beautiful views, and all kinds of treats from the kitchen and cellar. Welcome to the wine country, Baden-Baden's sun-drenched viewing terrace with a very special wow factor!

Wine country - the name alone evokes strong holiday feelings. Endless vineyard slopes, in between picturesque villages with cosy inns, a glass of Baden wine with a hearty winegrower’s meal, now that's pure enjoyment in the countryside. And all this is only a five-minute drive from the vibrant spa and shopping city of Baden-Baden.

In the almost magical "pleasure triangle" of the three wine villages of Varnhalt, Steinbach mit Umweg, and the state-recognised health resort of Neuweier, which form the Baden-Baden vineyards, you can indulge, feast, and enjoy yourself to the fullest extent. With a cultivated vineyard of 325 hectares, it is one of Germany's three largest self-contained winegrowing and wine-enjoyment areas. What’s more, 80% of this area is planted with Riesling, also known as "Klingelberger", The king of white wines.

Whether you enjoy a sophisticated gourmet meal or a simple glass of wine, fine wines and the most delicious hospitality are served everywhere in the numerous traditional inns, cosy taverns, and best restaurants in the Rebland.

The culinary wine tastings in the rustic cellars of the Rebland's famous wineries are also a full-flavoured experience.

You can even take this experience home with you if you want. Riesling, Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, sparkling wines, and fruit brandies are available for purchase directly from the winegrowers. And, if you are looking for something particularly unique, we recommend a visit to the Baden-Baden winegrowers’ cooperative in Neuweier, known for housing one of Baden's largest cellars for rare wine.

the  pride of BADEN-BADEN 

The Black Forest National Park, the first and only of its kind in Baden-Württemberg, was launched just in time for the beginning of 2014. Due to its excellent scenic location, the city of Baden-Baden serves as the gateway to the Black Forest National Park. It is an excellent starting point for fascinating trips and tours for anyone looking for an extraordinary experience in nature.

Via the world-renowned Black Forest High Road, beginning in Baden-Baden, with its magnificent vantage points, you can reach the middle of the natural surroundings in just a few minutes by car. Parking is available at the Plättig, and the line 245 bus to Mummelsee also stops hhere.

With its new opportunities, the Black Forest National Park is a great asset to holidaymakers and residents alike. You can expect:

  • guided themed walks
  • guided tours
  • a wide range of informative events
  • a wide range of activities for people of all ages all year round
  • the exciting lynx trail and the adventurous wilderness trail


A national park is a large-scale protected area where nature can develop greatly unaffected by humans, and provides extensive habitats for many plants and animals. Another purpose is to make it possible for people to experience nature and preserve and promote biodiversity.    

Interventions are only made if visitors are at risk, e.g., if a tree threatens to fall on the path. Otherwise, nature is left to its own devices.


Enjoy the exclusive benefits of a quiet, unique location while hiking through time and space...

Take a deep breath, switch off, refresh your mind, and let your curiosity run free. For example, by going on a spontaneous adventure in the nature, of which there is so much around Baden-Baden.

Clambering between mighty cliffs, following mysterious paths into mystical woodlands and thundering waterfalls, picnicking in sun-drenched meadows, or searching for clues in legendary walls, Baden-Baden is the ideal terrain for explorers.



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