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Relaxation for the body, mind, and soul

Medicinal and therapeutic expertise at the highest level, Baden-Baden has the best specialists and therapists in excellently-equipped clinics. In Baden-Baden, our focus is on the healing power provided by nature: Air, sun and, of course, thermal water. You can drink it, bathe in it, and it provides you with ingredients and minerals.


The Caracalla Therme in the heart of Baden-Baden, just an 8 to 10 minutes’ walk from the Merkur Hotel, is the modern answer to a bathing culture steeped in tradition. A true experience for the senses.

The Romans discovered the healing power of the twelve thermal springs. They built the first thermal baths in Baden-Baden 2,000 years ago.

Today, the spa district with two thermal baths in the old town is a centre of attraction for visitors from near and far.


Every day, 800,000 litres of healing spring water gush from a depth of 2,000 metres into the modern Caracalla Therme and the historic Roman-Irish Friedrichsbad, ensuring exclusive bathing pleasure and well-being for guests from all over the world.

Varied pools with temperatures between 18° C and 38° C in the Caracalla Therme invite you to take a luxurious bath in soothing thermal water. In addition to the attractive bathing pools, visitors can also enjoy the spacious indoor area.

A special highlight is the outdoor pools, which provide a special experience in winter when the mist rising from the warm thermal water gives them a mystical appearance.

For those seeking even more relaxation, we recommend the Wellness Lounge, which is directly accessible from the bathing area. In 9 modernly designed rooms, you will find a feel-good atmosphere, where you can choose from a diverse selection of massages and treatments. Complete relaxation paired with luxurious wellness pleasure!

The spacious sauna area is only accessible without swimwear (nude)!

Seven indoor and outdoor saunas await visitors here.

Distance from Hotel MERKUR: about 600 m


"After 10 minutes you forget time, after 20 minutes the world” — Mark Twain

For over 140 years, the beautiful Friedrichsbad has been one of Baden-Baden's landmarks. The building, built in Renaissance style, was considered the most modern bathhouse in Europe when it opened in 1877 and has lost none of its charm and atmosphere ever since. Already the entrance hall and the stairway to the Friedrichsbad give an idea of the extraordinary bathing experience to come. Between impressive shower fittings, hand-painted majolica tiles and the splendid domed hall, the historic bath house provides an unforgettable insight into centuries-old bathing traditions. The seventeen coordinated wellness stations of the historic Friedrichsbad provide a balance between energy refuelling and bathing fun.


To begin with, a unique shower experience awaits bathers: pure thermal water pours down onto the body from huge showerheads. Afterwards, make yourself comfortable on the warm wooden loungers in the warm air room (54 degrees) and then in the hot air room (68 degrees). The paradisiacal motives of the tiles are eye-catching and help you forget the stress of everyday life.

This is followed by a soap brush massage, during which you will be lathered in soap and massaged with a brush after another shower. This is the optimal way of preparing your body for bathing in the healing thermal water. After around ten minutes, it's off to the thermal steam baths, which warm the body even further at 45 and 47 degrees. Hot mist feels pleasant on the skin.

In the first thermal pool, visitors can relax and unwind at 36 degrees. This is followed by a bubble bath at 34 degrees, with comfortably warm, fresh thermal water gently massaging your back. Once completely relaxed, visitors can walk over to the famous domed hall, where they can relax for a few minutes in the circular whirlpool (28 degrees) before taking a quick dip in the cool plunge pool (18 degrees). When you get out, a member of staff will be waiting with warm towels to dry you off. Various creams are available to revitalise and moisturise your skin. As an additional service, you are recommended to have a high-quality body lotion massaged into your skin.

To finish off, you can relax with a cup of tea in the relaxation and reading room, and let the feel-good experience in Friedrichsbad take its effect on you.


Visitors don't need to bring anything with them in order to spend a relaxing day at the Friedrichsbad. In the nude baths, visitors are provided with shoes, towels, and shower gel. They also have the option of applying nourishing body lotion afterwards.

The alternation between dry air, warm air, and hot air, combined with steam, exercise and thermal bubble baths is a proven recipe for relaxation, boosting the body's defences and training the circulatory system..

Friedrichsbad Baden-Baden
The most beautiful way to find yourself...

Distance from Merkur Hotel to Friedrichsbad: 550 metres/approx. 6 - 8 minutes on foot


Experience a visit to the sea in the Salina sea salt cave in Baden-Baden. For thousands of years, we have known that sea salt has a healing effect, especially on the respiratory tract.

Experience this effect in the Baden-Baden Salina GmbH sea salt cave made from sea salt from the Dead Sea and Himalayan salt. The salt in the air of the Salina sea salt cave create a microclimate that has a positive effect on your organism.

In addition, a special ventilation technique and the use of generators create a dry nebulisation of almost nano-particle size, which reaches the deepest areas of the lungs. The salt content in the air is equivalent to 40 times the salt content of the North Sea.


Try it for yourself and experience the healing and healthy effects on your body, e.g. for:

  • Chronic and acute illnesses of the respiratory tract and mucous membranes
  • Hay fever
  • Neurodermatitis and other skin diseases
  • Burn-out syndrome


  • optimal deep relaxation    
  • strengthening the immune system
  • increasing the ability to concentrate
  • physical and mental regeneration

Incorporate a short holiday into your everyday life and stay in the Salina sea salt cave, which refreshes, regenerates, and can be as effective as several holidays by the sea.

Distance from Merkur Hotel to the Salina salt cave: 600 metres/approx. 8 minutes’ walk


Enjoy full mind and body relaxation in the comfort of our wellness area or in the private atmosphere of your hotel room. 

You can conveniently and directly book from a range of massages specially chosen by the hotel when booking your room.
Massages at short notice are subject to availability. However, we recommend early reservation.



Geprüfte Wellness-Therme
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